0.5g Packets Of Silica Gel


Sachet size



1/2 Gram – 17mm x 27mm


The silica gel is contained in Tyvek which is a material that is made out of polyethylene fibres.


It is very thin, strong and it creates a water barrier


PLEASE NOTE . These are silica gel and not dessicant clay. Silica gel is a desiccant – it adsorbs and holds water vapour


Little packets of silica gel are found in all sorts of products because silica gel is a desiccant


In leather products and foods like pepperoni, the lack of moisture can limit the growth of mould and reduce spoilage


In electronics, scientific and optical instruments, communication equipment, metallic parts, leather goods, tools and many other small to medium sized items, it prevents condensation, which might damage the electronics


Each sachet will adsorb up to one third of its own weight in water vapour

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Showing all 11 results