Ready Made Mini & Small Satin Ribbon Bows

Small Satin Bows

10mm Small Satin Bow Combo Pic celloexpress

come in packs of 60, containing 3 different patterns:

Plain, Dotty & Gingham. Please see pictures

The ribbon width is 10mm, and the bow lengths range from 3.5cm to 4.5cm

If buying a Pack of 2 containing 2 colours, you will be sent a pack of each colour

Mini Satin Bows

4mm Mini Satin Bows Combo Pic celloexpress

Come in packs of 50, 100, or 200

The ribbon width is 4mm, and the bow lengths range from 2.5cm to 3.5cm

More Information

All bows are pre-made and double bowed, ready for placing on to presents, gifts, bunting, arts and crafts projects, hairbands & hair accessories, children’s clothes & many more uses!

Please note, our bows are not self adhesive

The pictures are for display purposes only and the actual product colour may be slightly different, but only slightly

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Showing all 10 results